Diagram ImagingEnumerations

fsStayOnTop fsNormal fsMDIChild WindowStyleList Seperate Window List Window WhereToShowList IMPORT RECONCILIATION IMPORT API CLINICAL CAPTURE DICOM STORAGE ViAcqEntryPointList UT US UL UI TM ST SS SQ SL SH PN OW OB LT LO IS FD FL DT DS DA CS AT AS AE ValueRepresentationList INVALID MEDIA VALID MEDIA ValidationStatusList sysAdmin Staff Radiologist Resident Radiologist Rad Tech Non-Radiology UserTypeList Create when consult is forwarded to IFC Create when request is ordered Create/Update with every acquired image UnreadListCreationTrigglerList DICOM Text Big Abstract Full TypeList Suspended Idle Active ThreadStatusList NOT SHOW SHOW TelereaderShowOrNotShowList Deleted Unread Locked Read Waiting Cancelled TelereaderReadUnreadListStatusList Direct FIFO Queue TCPIPProviderPortListModeList UNC SyntaxList Verified Completed Started Arrived Scheduled Created StudyStatusList Verified Routine Medium High STAT StudyPriorityList Configuration Write Read StorageTransactionTransactionTypeList Run Stop StopRoutingTransmitterList RAID-GROUP ROUTER URL DIAGRAM EXPORT MUSE-EKG WORM-OTG READ/WRITE WORM-PDT WORM-DG MAGNETIC StorageTypeList N-Delete N-Create N-Action N-Set N-Get N-Event-Report C-Echo C-Find C-Move C-Get C-Store ServiceTypeServiceTypeList DICOM TEXT BIG FULL ABSTRACT SendQueueTypeList FAILED SENT SENDING WAITING SendQueueStatusList DICOM Send MS-DOS Copy SendQueueMechanisimList Patient Report Date ScanModeList Low Normal High RoutingRulePriorityList DISABLED ENABLED RiverAutoConnectEnabledList Deceased Date Last Accessed Date Create Date RetentionPolicyArchiveDurationTriggerList E-MAIL STORAGE ICON ERROR QueueQueueTypeList Studies with images Studies without images All Studies QueryStudySelectionList DATE MODIFED DATE CREATED DATE ACCESSED PurgebyList PUBLIC PublicList View Only Access Full Access ProfileAccessLevelList Laboratory Consult Radiology ProcedureTypeList LOW ROUTINE HIGH STAT PriorityList INTERRETATION KEY PresentationStateUIDPsTypeList Key Image User Interpretation PresentationStatePsTypeList transfer syntax not supported abstract syntax not supported VISTA_STORAGE is missing acceptable PresenationContextFlagList Unknown Definitely pregnant Possibly pregnant Not pregnant PregnancyStatusList Seperate Window Below Tree View Bottom Left PositionOfAbstractsList Defined List Enumerated List PermittedValuesList Descending Order Ascending Order PacsQueryDirectionList Stop Requested Idle Active PacsQueryActiveList Kodak GeneralElectric PACSList ON PACS INTERFACE OFF PACS INTERFACE PacsInterfaceSwitchList CONSULTS NONE PHOTO ID SURGERY CLINICAL PROCEDURES TIU NOTE MEDICINE LABORATORY RADIOLOGY PackageIndexList IHS NON-VA FEE DOD VA OriginIndexList On-Line Off-Line OperationalStatusList NO AUTOWRITE UPDATE AUTOWRITE UPDATE OK NoAutowriteUpdateList Not Currently Used Active ModalityTypeDictionaryActiveList DICOM CORRECT NETWORK IMPORT STAGED MEDIA DIRECT IMPORT MediaTypeList Transmitted (C-Stored) Portable Media (CD or DVD) MediaList fsStayOnTop fsNormal fsMDIForm fsMDIChild MainStyleList REVERSE NEXT MagkatScanDirectionList History Newly Interpreted PENDING ALL UNREAD & RECENT RECENT UNREAD ListTypeList Horizontal Vertical ListScrollModeList RESCINDED LinkedTypeList LEFT RIGHT LateralityList IOD UNKNOWN IOD NOT CHECKED IOD NOT VALID IOD VALID IodViolationDetectedList not On-line ImagingWindowsWorkstationsActiveList IMPORT API CPRS NORMAL ImagingWindowsSessionStartModeList ALL ImagingTypesList Radiology Consults ImagingServiceList SOP INSTANCE UID SERIES INSTANCE UID STUDY INSTANCE UID ImagingDuplicateUIDLogTypeList Deleted Needs Review In Progress QA Reviewed Viewable ImageStatusList Signed Integer (2's Complement) Unsigned Integer ImageSOPInstancePixelRepresentationList YBR_PARTIAL_420 YBR_ICT YBR_RCT YBR_PARTIAL_422 YBR_FULL_422 YBR_FULL RGB PALETTE COLOR MONOCHROME2 MONOCHROME1 ImageSOPInstancePhotometricInterpretationList BOTH UNPAIRED LEFT RIGHT ImageSOPInstanceImageLateralityList FEE DOD NON-VA VA ImageOriginIndexList CLIN ADMIN ImageListFiltersClassList CONS NONE PHOTOID SUR CP NOTE MED LAB RAD ImageAuditPackageIndexList Ignore error log Create error log IgnoreList DFN INTEGRATION CONTROL NUMBER MEDICAL RECORD NUMBER IdTypeList None Date Memo Combo Box Edit Box GuiControlList ROOT3 ROOT2 ROOT1 GlobalRootTypeStatusList BOLD ITALIC ITALIC BOLD REGULAR FontStyleList DICOM2 DICOM Thumbnail Targa(TM) Large X-Ray Text FileTypeList Consults/Requests FileNumberList Case cancelled Format error in case number Any other reason Could not match patient No case number FailedReasonList EXPORTED EXPORT REQUESTED ExportRequestStatusList Descending Ascending ExportDirectionList DONE ExaminationCompleteDoneList Pan Right Click Zoom Mouse Up Zoom Normal DocBandingmodeList Thin Client VistaRad Quality Non-Dome Clinial Quality DisplayTypeList Meta UID Normal UID DICOMUIDDictionaryMetaflagList Inactive Running DicomTransmitterActiveList Image settings Same settings Different settings DicomStackPagingList Histogram settings Device Settings DicomSettingsWindowLevelList C-ECHO N-DELETE N-SET N-GET N-EVENT-REPORT N-CREATE N-ACTION C-GET C-MOVE C-FIND C-STORE DicomServiceList SCP SCU DicomRoleList VA OTHER FEE DOD DICOMRawImageOriginIndexList PARENT SERIES DETAILED BROAD DICOMRadiologyProceduresProcedureTypeList Query completely reported Query complete Query in progress DICOMQueryRetrieveResultStatusList Centimeters Millimeters Micrometers Feet Inches DicomMeasureUnitsList Individual Image settings Selected window settings DicomLayoutPagingList UT NULL US UL UI TM ST SS SQ SL SH PN OW OB LT LO IS FD FL DT DS DA CS AT AS AE DICOMDataElementDictionaryValueRepresentationList Retired DICOMDataElementDictionaryStatusList Delete the study Deleted the Image Nothing to be deleted DeleteList FILE IS DELETED DeleteFlagList Current Week (starts on Sunday) Last Full Week (starts on Sunday) Last 3 Days (thru today) Last 2 Days (thru today) 3 Days Ago 2 Days Ago Yesterday Today DayRangeList Critical Not critical CriticalList Make a copy Do not copy CopyToRaidList PATCH 59 PATCH 25 UNKNOWN ConvertedByList CONNECTED NOT CONNECTED ConnectList UT US UN UL UI TM ST SS SQ SL PN OW OB LT IS FD FL DS DA CS AT AS AE Short String Long String Date Time ConditionDataTypeList JPEG-200 None CompressionList Complete Not Complete CompleteList Day/Case # Numeric Date/Time ColumnTypeList OLD CLIN ADMIN ClassList NON-VA VA CategoriesOriginIndexList Import API DICOM Gateway Capture Workstation CaptureApplicationList Fast Medium Slow AutoselectSpeedList Association established No Association AssociationList DEPT OF DEFENSE INDIAN HEALTH SERVICE DEPT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS AssigningAuthorityList AOF NOT ON FILE ArtifactOnFileList NONE POINTER SOLID OPEN SOLID POINTER AnnotationArrowStyleList IHS VA AgencyList Retired Active ActiveList Send ActionQueueList COMPLETE ACQUIRING AcquisitionStatusList Short Accession Number Long Accession Number AccessionList INACCESSIBLE ACCESSIBLE AccessibleStatusList


NameImagingEnumerationsTypeClass Diagram