The Registration, Enrollment and Eligibility domain is a core information domain that is integral to the successful implementation of a number of projects related to VA’s sixteen (16) Major Strategic Initiatives (MSI), as well as projects that support the DoD/VA integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR).

-- Registration is the process of completing and submitting the “Application for Health Benefits”.

-- Enrollment is the process used by VA to accept an eligible veteran into the VA Health Care System including the assignment of a priority group. The process may require VA to assess a veteran’s attributable income (the term “attributable income” means the income of a veteran for the previous year determined in the same manner in which a determination is made of the total amount of income, which the rate of pension for such veteran under section 1521 of this Title would be reduced if the veteran were eligible for pension under that section) and net worth. This financial assessment determines a veteran's co-payment responsibilities and helps to determine the assignment to a priority group.

-- Eligibility is the process of the determination of active duty service and criteria of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regulations and eligibility for VA health care. Eligibility is different from enrollment in that eligibility verifies the ability to enroll.

-- Income Verification Matching is a process that independently verifies the self-reported financial information used to determine a Veteran’s eligibility for VA health care benefits, enrollment priority group assignment, and copayment responsibility.

-- Appeal is a person’s disagreement with a determination by the VA to deny a benefit, request for reconsideration of the determination, or direct appeal to a higher level, such as the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA).

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