Diagram ImmunizationsEnumerations

Selected Clinic Groups Selected Clinic Stops All Clinic Stops Selected Hospital Locations All Inpatient Locations All Outpatient Locations LocationTypeList VA 638 PROGRAM OTHER TRIBAL CONTRACT IHS VisitTypeList ANCILLARY PACKAGE DAILY DATA DAILY HOSPITALIZATION DATA NURSING HOME EVENT (HISTORICAL) OBSERVATION DAY SURGERY NOT FOUND TELECOMMUNICATIONS CHART REVIEW IN HOSPITAL HOSPITALIZATION AMBULATORY VisitServiceCategoryList View Access Full Access UserFullViewAccessList NO TAKE DOUBTFUL NEGATIVE POSITIVE SkinTestResultsList SELECT REMOVE INSERT FINDING ADD PATIENT SequenceOperationList YEARLY MONTHLY QUARTERLY ReportFrequencyList Summary Report Detailed Report ReportDetailTypeList NOT DUE PATIENTS DUE PATIENTS APPLICABLE PATIENTS TOTAL PATIENTS ReminderStatusList Reminders Due PXRMX Reminders Satisfied PXRMY ReminderReportTemplateTypeList MERGED INACTIVATED DELETED RecordStatusList Severe Moderate Mild ReactionSeverityList Unknown Pharmacological Allergy ReactionMechanismList Private Public PublicPrivateIndicatorList HIDDEN PERMANENT TRANSCRIBED ProblemConditionList LOW MEDIUM HIGH PriorityList Secondary Primary PrimaryOrSecondaryList Family History Personal History PersonalOrFamilyHistoryIndicatorList CREDIT STOP ANCILLARY STOP CODE OCCASION OF SERVICE PRIMARY PCEEncounterTypeList IN OUT PatientInOutStatusList REFUSED GROUP-NO ASSESSMENT GOOD FAIR POOR PatientEdUnderstandingList Reminder Patient List Individual Patient PCMM team Provider OE/RR team Location PatientCohortTypeList All patients Primary care patients only PatientCareTypeList BOTH O&R RESULTING ORDERING OrderingOrResultingDxList BOTH ORDER CHECK AND DEFINITION TEXT DEFINITION TEXT ONLY ORDER CHECK TEXT ONLY OrderCheckWindowTextList High Medium Low OrderCheckSeverityList Local VISN National OrderableItemGroupClassList Off On OnOffIndicatorList NO (OK TO USE IN THE FUTURE) YES (DO NOT REPEAT THIS VACCINE). OKForFutureUseList Historical Observed ObservedOrHistoricalList HIGHLY PROBABLE PROBABLE POSSIBLE REMOTE ObservedAdverseReactionLikelihoodList NORMAL ABNORMAL NormalAbnormalResultList Optional open and required complete or cancel before finish Required open and required complete before finish Optional open and optional complete (partial complete possible) MentalHealthTestRequiredDialogList 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Non-Series MaxImmunizationSeriesNumberList AUTOSCHEDULED MANUAL ManualAutoIndicatorList AND OR LogicalOperatorList REMINDER RULE PATIENT LIST RULE SET FINDING RULE ListRuleTypeList Outpatient Inpatient InpatientOutpatientIndicatorList Inactive InactiveList Inactive Code InactiveCodeList SERIES 8 SERIES 7 SERIES 6 SERIES 5 SERIES 4 SERIES 3 SERIES 2 SERIES 1 BOOSTER COMPLETE PARTIALLY COMPLETE ImmunizationSeriesList NONE OTHER RESPIRATORY DISTRESS ANAPHYLAXIS OR COLLAPSE ARTHRITIS OR ARTHRALGIAS CONVULSIONS LETHARGY RASH OR ITCHING VOMITING LOCAL REACTION OR SWELLING IRRITABILITY FEVER ImmunizationReactionList Show Hide HideShowDialogList FACTOR CATEGORY HealthFactorTypeList HEAVY/SEVERE MODERATE MINIMAL HealthFactorSeverityList Male Female GenderList UTILIZATION IN REPORTING PERIOD FINDING COUNT MOST RECENT FINDING PATIENT COUNT MOST RECENT FINDING COUNT FindingTotalTypeList COMPLIANCE AND FINDING TOTALS COMPLIANCE TOTALS ONLY ExtractTotalTypeList Current Inpatients Admissions Prior Visits Future Appointments EncounterTypeList Not Editable Editable EditableNotEditableList DISABLE AND DO NOT SEND MESSAGE DISABLE AND SEND MESSAGE NO DisableDialogTypeList NO SELECTION REQUIRED ALL SELECTIONS ARE REQUIRED NONE OR ONE SELECTION ONE OR MORE SELECTIONS ONE SELECTION ONLY DialogGroupEntrySelectionList result element result group dialog group forced value reminder dialog dialog element prompt DialogComponentTypeList STATUS POST SUSPECT, SUSPICIOUS RESOLVED PROBABLE RULE OUT MAYBE, POSSIBLE, PERHAPS FOLLOW UP DOUBTFUL CONSIDER DiagnosisStatusList N/A APPLICABLE DUE DefinitionEvaluationStatusList SINGLE LIST MULTIPLE ComputedFindingTypeList Error Observed Verified CommentTypeList NO NOTIFICATION OE/RR TEAMS BULLETIN ChartIDBandMarkingNotificationMethodList AUTOVERIFY BOTH AUTOVERIFY OBSERVED ONLY AUTOVERIFY HISTORICAL ONLY NO AUTOVERIFY AutoverifyObservedHistoricalList AUTOVERIFY ALL AUTOVERIFY FOOD/OTHER AUTOVERIFY DRUG/OTHER AUTOVERIFY OTHER ONLY AUTOVERIFY DRUG/FOOD AUTOVERIFY FOOD ONLY AUTOVERIFY DRUG ONLY No Autoverify AutoverifyFoodDrugOtherList Operating Attending AttendingOrOperatingProviderList NO ACTION TAKEN CANCELLED BY CLINIC/RESCHEDULED CANCELLED BY CLINIC CANCELLED BY PATIENT/RESCHEDULED CANCELLED BY PATIENT NO-SHOW/RESCHEDULED NO-SHOW INPATIENT SCHEDULED/KEPT AppointmentStatusList Follow-Up Initial AdverseReactionReportTypeList CONSUMER LITERATURE STUDY HEALTH PROFESSIONAL FOREIGN AdverseReactionReportSourceList Chronic Acute AcuteOrChronicIndicatorList Active Inactive ActiveInactiveList


NameImmunizationsEnumerationsTypeFreeform Diagram