Published Items


The Business Information Architecture (BIA) unit leverages a concept known as ”hybrid” models to create diagrams of the current VHA information systems. Hybrid models reflect the business-related data elements captured and managed by the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) system. These hybrid models reflect only business-centric data elements, with system-related information filtered from view, such as attributes used to log transaction update dates and times. If VistA data structure does not group related data elements into well-formed classes, the hybrid model restructures the data into logically related groups of attributes. This new structure is more consumable to the business subject matter experts (SMEs).

These diagrams are developed to support specific work efforts for which BIA documents information requirements.  The diagrams contain a note in the upper left corner that includes the name of the architect who developed the model, as well as the date the model was developed.  These diagrams have not been updated since the date listed on the diagram.